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Healthy Pet Mobile Vet provides both traditional and holistic veterinary services for central Maryland cats and dogs right at your own front door. Does Fluffy get upset every time she’s unceremoniously stuffed into a carrier and forced to ride in the car? Does Fido love riding in the car, but you hate cleaning the nose-prints off the windows? Does the thought of managing your 2- and 4-legged kids at the same time send shivers down your spine? Healthy Pet Mobile Vet to the rescue!

Mobile veterinary clinic

We are well-equipped to handle routine preventative care, medical case management, full-body digital X-ray, and diagnostic laboratory testing during our stress-free visits. We also provide Traditional Chinese Medicine Services, such as acupuncture and food therapy/nutritional counseling.

Our services are ideal for multi-pet households, retirees, busy parents & professionals, clients with limited transportation or limited mobility, and owners of pets who are anxious or scared of car-rides and traditional veterinary hospitals. In short, we’re a great fit for everyone!

Let us bring the veterinary clinic to you!

Our Mission

We strive to strengthen the human-animal bond by:

Contact Information


Toll Free:
888-644-PETS (7387)


Postal address:
PO BOX 0628, New Market, MD, 21774-0628